Time and Progress Are Unstoppable Forces

“A detriment to wealth creation is not having the knowledge or understanding of how markets function. As long as there are people investing in the markets, there will always be risk. Within the context of time and progress, success in achieving your financial purpose will partially depend on how you actively manage that risk.”

– Stephen R. Facella, CFP®

Our Wealth Creation Methodology


If dealt with properly, this “moving target” can be used continuously to one’s superior advantage. If time and progress, along with my Trinity of Investing® is understood and applied to your investment criteria, it can result in a series of sustainable and rewarding financial outcomes during your lifetime. This is what we refer to as “Wealth Creation.”

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My market mantra,
QC, UE & LUEI®, is my Trinity of Investing® 
– Stephen R. Facella, CFP®

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